FRM Thrift Store and Cars

We take your new or slightly used items and put them to great use.  When you SHARE, you also bring CARE – – Care to families in need, care to mom’s who are trying to make their dollars stretch further, care to someone being trained in a new vocation.  Your donations of clothing, shoes, household items, furniture… and yes, even your used vehicles… bring much-valued CARE to someone in need.

Proceeds from Thrift Sales… store items, car sales, and items donated to our recycling center are used to maintain and expand the services of the Fresno Rescue Mission, providing resources necessary to help homeless and at-risk men, women, children, and families.

This for-profit ministry component offers vocational training opportunities, as well as providing income for our ministry to help change lives.

Vocational Training

Our store’s vocational training centers play an integral role in preparing men and women to reconnect with the community.  Our Community Care participants (those who came through 24-Hour Emergency Services and agreed to remain under case management while they take steps toward a new life), and the men and women enrolled in our substance abuse programs, are trained in production, sales, automotive repair, forklift driving (with certification), and so much more.  As the Mission grows, more of these components may be added (i.e., Culinary Arts program to train participants in food services). Current vocational training opportunities include our Thrift Stores & Cars and include all aspects of recovery program work therapy venues throughout our Mission campuses and communities.


Employment History and Experience

Each ministry has, within its process, specific entry-level staff positions designed for men and women who are either graduating from the residential portion of their program (and entering into the transitional phase) or for those advancing in Community Care processes.  All entry-level positions designed for our participants are temporary positions (some full-time, some part-time).  As men and women become FRM staff members – filling these roles – they are expected to transition from these entry-level employment positions into career opportunities outside the Mission or advance to available next-level positions within our ministry framework within a 2-year period as they gain skills and qualifications necessary for advancement.

Thrift Store & Cars

Do you love to thrift shop? Then visit The Fresno Rescue Mission Thrift Store and Cars where you can get a good deal while doing a good deed! This one location offers a thrift store, a car lot, and a vocational training center for our program participants (men and women), and our Community Care participants.

FRM Thrift Store & Cars
STORE HOURS: Monday-Saturday 9 am-5 pm
*Closed Sundays*
181 E. Sierra, Fresno, CA 93710 (559)440-0870

Support what we do! 

Why should I give items to the Mission if you sell what I donate?

Our ongoing goal is to continue to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless and other at-risk individuals.  Homeless and at-risk individuals and families who turn to us for help will continue to receive free clothing and household goods.

However, individuals and families who can afford to pay something may purchase items from the thrift store. We know from experience that it lifts people up when they are able to pay for what they need as opposed to accepting a handout.

  • The thrift store is used as a vocational training center, providing job training for men and women in our Community Care processes and the Mission’s recovery programs.
  • Churches and other organizations can partner with us by donating quality items to help us build for the future. It also creates volunteer opportunities for people in the community who are looking for a way to get involved.
  • Proceeds from the thrift store and car sales are used to maintain and expand the services of the Fresno Rescue Mission, providing resources necessary to build new facilities for the ever-growing population of homeless and at-risk men, women, children, and families.

For questions concerning auto donations or purchases, please call:
FRM Auto Department: (559) 440-0870
or FRM Thrift Store @ (559) 440-0870