Stories of Faith: Volunteer Spotlight: Debora Blankenship

Volunteer Spotlight: Debra Blankenship 1

Debora is a faithful volunteer for the Fresno Rescue Mission, serving at FRM events held on our campus.

I began serving at a young age with my family. In my youth, I learned to serve with our church family at the Rescue Mission. The servant attitudes of my parents helped me to see that all people are important and we can reach out to them without fear. My parents were godly people who taught by example to value giving, both of our time and treasure. They were not without flaws - none of us are - but we felt blessed that our family never felt the sting of homelessness, nor were in need of anything. As a result, we have a heart for people who do feel that pain. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to play a role in the ministries of the Fresno Rescue Mission. Sharing the love of God with people and watching them enjoy the blessings He has for them is a true privilege.” ~ Debora


Story appeared in the May 2018 edition of Lighthouse News