Stories of Faith: Holiday Memories, Hopes, and Dreams

Holiday Memories, Hopes & Dreams

Dayson, an FRM Respite Center guest, came into our respite care facility in late October, in need of rest and healing from an infected diabetic foot ulcer. Three years ago Dayson received an early release from a Three Strikes conviction (A 26-year sentence for Identity Theft).  Since his time in prison, his 15-year-old son died from an overdose, his marriage collapsed, his 21-year-old autistic son stopped talking to him (not understanding his long absence), and he lost contact with any friends he once had. “I was all alone...with the exception of One. Jesus. I never forgot what I learned about Jesus in prison.  I still carry my Bible with me, hoping I will get another chance at changing my life.”

With tears flowing, Dayson shared:

“My favorite holiday memory is from 2006. It was Christmas. I was married, employed, living in a nice home, and opening presents with my children. It seems like it’s just a dream now.”

Dayson is looking forward to his next steps. Prayerful that he can eventually restore the relationship he once shared with his son, he hopes to be placed in available housing and find steady employment. With only a 9th grade education, he knows that won’t be easy, but he hopes to go back to school as well. “For now, I am just so thankful for the Mission, for the Poverello House, for the Home Health Care nurse assigned to me, and for the hospital that referred me here. I never understood how all of these places work together. I feel blessed.”

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