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Programs and Services

The Fresno Rescue Mission is dedicated to fulfilling our God-given role to help hurting and homeless people in our community. While we are committed to meeting their immediate, basic needs, we also offer long-term programs to help people escape their current situation and transform their lives completely. Learn more about the life-changing programs and services we offer.  Then, find out how your passions, your gifts, and your talents can help!

“Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 John 4:11


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How We Help

Accountability With Love

Everything the Fresno Rescue Mission offers prepares men, women, and children to move forward in a positive way. Daily we walk in faith, waiting on the Lord and walking in His footsteps!

We do not believe in perpetuating homelessness and addiction, and we do believe that it takes more than shelter to help people move forward. We never give anyone anything they can get for themselves, but rather steer them in the right direction towards Christ-centered self-sustainability. This takes love with accountability. What does this mean?

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  1. There are rules and guidelines. Many of our guests have never had boundaries and don’t understand the concept. They need to learn not only how to live within the law, but also to live a Godly life.
  2. Christian education, literacy and GED preparation, life skills, parenting and marriage skills, career development, and employment services are just a few of the lessons our programs and services offer.
  3. Our desire is to educate our community about how they can help solve the problems of homelessness and addiction. We offer tours of the Mission to explain what we do and why we do it.

When We Share Jesus...

… we are providing men, women, and children with THE TRUE HOPE in all circumstances. The people who come to us know they have issues. We don’t need to remind them of their past in every sermon or interaction. This is why we train churches and volunteers to bring messages congruent with “growing in faith” in their sermons and lessons. They don’t need to constantly hear about why their past choices were keeping them in chains. They need answers to the new issues they now face, having left behind that life they once lived. They find life’s answers in Scripture … walking with Jesus.

From the September 2014 issue of Lighthouse News

Long-Term Recovery Programs

The Academy

The Mission’s Life Recovery program, known as the Academy, is for men whose lives have been broken by homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, physical and mental abuses, and jail and/or prison experiences. The Academy provides hope for a normal life, the opportunity for restoration, and wholeness that comes from faith in God.    Facility Location

What is the Academy program?

  • An 18-month (12-month residential and 6-month aftercare) rehabilitation, work-therapy, and career-development program for men.
  • Upon completion of the residential phase, each man will enter the mandatory aftercare phase. If he is married, he can go home to complete his aftercare, once a home study has been conducted and indicates a safe and healthy environment. However, if he is single, he must complete his aftercare within the community living we provide through our transitional apartments.

The Academy men participate in work therapy and education programs with emphasis on the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the foundation for life change. The Academy’s purpose and objectives are to:

  • Lead men into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Help men conquer their addictions.
  • Restore them to their families.
  • Create productive members of society.

Regardless of how they arrive, many of the men who enter this program may have these things in common:

  • Feeling spiritually lost and morally confused without Jesus Christ.
  • Lives that are in shambles.
  • A history of substance abuse and lawless behavior.
  • A lack of educational, life, and vocational skills.

When a man enters the Academy, he makes a conscious decision to change and move forward in his life. It is not an easy decision. Many changes will take place over the ensuing months that will continually challenge this man in every area of his life.

What does the Academy offer?

  • OPPORTUNITIES to grow in a relationship with Christ through regular chapel services, devotional study, Bible-based Christian growth classes, and Scripture memorization. 
  • DEVELOPMENT of a disciplined and sustainable lifestyle through structure, order, and hard work. 
  • COUNSELING (offered daily), Case Managers, support groups, and classes that aid in the recovery from addictions, co-dependency, and other personal issues.
  • ALUMNI COUNSELING offered every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
  • SUPPORT groups that focus on family, marriage, and personal healing. 
  • SCHOLASTIC SKILL enhancements through our Computer Learning Center. We can assist in obtaining a GED, and offer literacy classes. 
  • CAREER EMPLOYMENT SERVICE provides assistance in the development of a career path, resumes, and job readiness. 
  • BEHAVIORAL COURSES in Anger Management. 
  • LIFE SKILLS TRAINING in Developing Communication Skills, Decision Making, Money Management, Problem Solving, and Stress Management.

The Academy Requirements

  • A willingness to obey the rules and requirements of the program and to submit to its leaders.
  • An openness and receptivity to Christianity.
  • Commitment to be clean and sober from drugs and alcohol for 30 days before entering (you can do your 30-day clean time here).
  • A commitment to the full 18-month program.
  • Take responsibility for life failures and life change.
  • No drug, alcohol, or tobacco use.
  • No games — must be serious about positive life change.

The Academy Transition Phase

An important step in the lives of the men who have completed the one-year residential portion of The Academy is moving into the Transition Phase for their aftercare. Those in aftercare have an opportunity to live in the Transition apartments for up to six months. Here they will continue their spiritual growth and recovery, and they will be one step closer to resuming life in the community and reuniting with their families.

Many men come to the Mission with no home or prospects of having a home. They have burned many bridges with family and society. In order to give them a leg up, they need to have a place where they can transition with added assistance.

The Transition Phase helps with continued aftercare, church attendance, and mentoring. The men are required to save a portion of their earnings and open a bank account as an incentive to be responsible. By saving their earnings while in transition, they have enough money to begin a life in the community when they are ready to leave.

Rescue the Children

Rescue the Children is a protected, secure environment providing long-term services to at-risk, abused, homeless, or previously incarcerated women or women with children. The community provides women and their children a place to get away from destructive lifestyles, offering a place to heal, learn, grow, and ultimately become productive members of society. Mothers who feel trapped in a dysfunctional setting can find a place of respite. This type of opportunity can create life change not just for the present, but also for future generations. Our goal is to help one more family who doesn’t have to rely on welfare… one more family that learns to be violence-free.   Facility Location

Who Can We Help?

  • Homeless or at-risk mothers and children who need more than a short stay affords.
  • Women who were previously incarcerated and need a safe place to transition back into society, and an opportunity to reunite with their children.
  • Children who might previously have been taken from their mother and separated into different foster homes now have an opportunity to stay together when the County refers mothers and children to our program BEFORE it becomes necessary to remove children and place them in foster care.
  • Families of the men enrolled in our men’s life recovery program, The Academy, have a safe place to go when they are unable to support themselves and their children during this time. The ultimate goal is to reunite the family once their programs are successfully completed.

Transforming Life Community

We believe generational change is possible through Christ. The Transforming Life Community program is a 12- to 18-month residential program for women and children who have been abused, addicted, homeless, previously incarcerated, or at-risk. The goal of this community is to give women and children the tools they need to transition back into society in a positive and self-sufficient manner. It is a holistic program that offers classes in every aspect of life. Women with children can learn how to be better mothers. Women whose children have been taken away will have an opportunity to reconnect with their children in a safe environment. Case management is the first step in determining the needs of each family, and a plan is jointly developed.

Career Employment Services

To help women return to the workplace — or enter it for the very first time — we provide assistance in the development of career paths, resumes, and job readiness.

Discovery Center

This Christian-oriented learning program is designed to help parents with their children’s growth. We recognize the value of parents as teachers of their children, and the necessity of educating parents to meet the developmental needs of their children. We strive to empower families to break the cycle of abuse and neglect, and to create lifelong loving relationships through engagement and interaction.

It exists to support a mother’s desire to experience life change for herself and her children while enrolled in our Rescue the Children community. Our goal is to positively affect parenting skills of these women in order to effectually change future generations. We accomplish this by helping each mother determine and reach her spiritual, educational, emotional, physical, and parental goals, while also helping her children reach appropriate developmental milestones. These two goals work together in balance to equip mothers with practical parenting information and skills and providing a quality educational experience for every child.

This fun and safe nurturing environment for children to learn, grow, and develop is a place where families discover the joy of learning. It is designed to help:

  • Preschoolers with kindergarten readiness.
  • Mothers develop their skills to help them become better parents through parent education, participation, and involvement.

Our Philosophy

The Discovery Center educates and cares for children from birth through 12 years old. We educate and care for their mothers. We create an environment of trust where children can develop emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically to their fullest potential.

The center provides opportunities for children and adults to interact with the environment and each other in a natural setting supportive of the individual’s developmental rate. We recognize and support that all individuals are unique and possess a rich background of family and culture that contributes to the whole of the child. The Discovery Center establishes an integrated curriculum to meet the developmental needs of each child. Curriculum consists of activities that develop the child’s sense of self and learning ability.

We offer opportunities for indoor and outdoor play, personal and group time, and a choice of developmental, social, language, and creative activities, both structured and unstructured. These areas promote socialization, language and literacy, fine and gross motor development, and creative self-expression and awareness. Activities are carefully planned so each child may learn at his/her own rate. The curriculum is developed through themes to increase vocabulary and to expose the children to a wide variety of topics.

Our Strategy for Change

While caring for each child, the Discovery Center staff also communicates with the mothers on the strategies we implement so that there is a consistency for the children. Some of the strategies we use include the following:

  • Redirecting a child’s behaviors before trouble starts.
  • Using a “thinking time” to allow a child to cool off a bit, and then think and talk about how their behavior affects others.
  • Modeling empathy when responding to a child’s misbehavior rather than lecturing.
  • Asking questions to affirm that the child has the ability to solve his own problems created by his/her own misbehavior.
  • Learning when it is appropriate to simply ignore a child’s behavior.
  • Showing affection and praise to build a child up.
  • Assessing how we were parented (positive and negative aspects) and how that affects how we parent our children.
  • Examining the feelings of the child and the parent to better understand why each behaves and reacts in a particular way in a particular setting.
  • Overcoming specific parent traps.

These methods are but a few of the strategies that we have implemented with our families and have come directly from curriculum (Nurturing ParentingTriple P Parenting, and Parenting with Love & Logic) that has been provided through grant support.

On any given day in our Discovery Center, you can observe our awesome teachers working with infants and preschoolers. You will see finger play, story time, craft time, and baby massage in our infant and baby care area as we work with each individual child, helping them build vocabulary and interact with people and their environment to reach appropriate developmental milestones. With preschoolers, you can watch our energetic, fun teachers leading calendar time, arts and crafts time, guided play, and a wide array of themed activities that stimulate fine and gross motor skills while increasing vocabulary and school preparedness. You will see our children enjoying the literacy corner, computer stations, free play area, music and dance area, dress–up corner, and more!

The Fresno Rescue Mission believes that generational change is possible. We give women the tools they need to become productive members of society, working with them on social issues, and teaching the importance of paying their own way rather than relying on subsidy programs. They model this for their children, who then understand that there is another way to live, other than gangs, crime, and addictions. We give the children the tools they need to not only cope with the world and its impact, but also to flourish because they have what they need to be successful. Generational change can transform communities!

Services Provided for Inmates

  • Weekly visits to County Jail
  • Correspondence — Pen Pals for inmates
  • Newsletters to jail and prison

“The spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.” – Isaiah 61:1

Community Care

Services 6

What is Community Care?

Community care is a “First Touch Ministry” comprised of several points of contact. We partner with a host of community agencies, nonprofits, churches, legal, and health services in an effort to pull individuals from the pit of despair and help them achieve total life change through Christ. It takes a first step to begin a new journey.   Facility Locations

Our Community Care program offers the following services:

Food Services

Food is the most basic human need, and our desire is to build relationships with people through a simple meal.

The Fresno Rescue Mission receives food donations from local businesses and individuals, who generously give because they feel compassion for the least, the last, and the lost. These donations allow us to feed our guests in Community Care, The Academy, and Rescue the Children. Because of the generosity of the community, we are able to share food with other agencies, churches, and ministries.  It also allows us to provide for needy families as part of our outreach ministries.

Breakfast, a sack lunch, and a hot meal for dinner are available to anyone in need:

285 G Street – Fresno CA 93705

Evening Meal (5:00 PM) and Morning Breakfast (6:00 AM)

  • There are no requirements to stay at the Mission or attend chapel services to receive these meals.
  • Three meals per day are served to everyone involved in Community Care, Rescue the Children and The Academy.
  • Food baskets are distributed to individuals or families recommended by our ministry directors.
  • Food is shared among many other local nonprofit agencies, depending on need and availability.
  • Currently, we serve an average of 950 to 1025 meals per day (46% increase from January 2014).

Chapel Services

Offering HOPE and TRUTH through the Word of God will remain the central objective in all we do. That’s why we offer chapel services to preach the Word every day of the year. Everyone in our community is invited to attend!

Evening Chapel Service
Chapel services are conducted by volunteer groups.  To be involved, contact Chaplain Bob Henry at extension 206. Chapel Services are open to the public every evening at 7:30 PM.

Saturday Prayer Gathering, Sunday Worship & Special Events
Each week we offer special worship services, and we host special events throughout the year. This is our opportunity to meet and greet new guests!

Chapel Services are offered at:
239 G Street
Fresno, CA 93706
(559) 268-0839
Chaplain Bob Henry, Chaplain/ Chapel Coordinator, ext. 206

24-Hour Emergency Services with Case Management

We offer services for single men, single women, women with children, men with children and families in need of emergency care. We help people in need identify the best next step they can take, whatever that might be. We often help people find:

  • Community resources and referrals
  • Reconnection with family
  • Housing
  • Financial Aid
  • Available community programs
  • Health & Human Services
  • Connection to public mental health services
  • And so much more … 

“The poor shall eat and be satisfied; those who seek Him will praise the Lord. Let your heart live forever!” – Psalm 22:26  

We build relationships with the people we meet, offering hope through a meal, a shower … and sometimes their first restful sleep in years.

Everything we provide is accompanied by personal guidance — connection with a case manager in Community Care — someone with whom they can share their story. Guests who continue in our care participate in simplified work assignments as they manage their progress and personal goals with their Case Manager. Some elect to enroll in the Mission’s long-term recovery programs when they discover they are a good fit for a great outcome.

The Fresno Rescue Mission believes that it takes more than practical assistance to move people forward. Our ultimate goal is to offer people a hand up and out of homelessness, to assist and point them towards the abundant life God has for them. This is all done through the love of Jesus Christ and the practice of accountability.

FRM Warming Center
We offer a safe and warm environment for men and women when temperatures reach near freezing. When the weather temperatures drop to 35 degrees or below, or when extreme weather conditions arise, the Mission will open up as a warming center for men and women. They may come in for chapel (although it isn’t mandatory), spend the night, and have breakfast.

FRM Sobering Center
The Fresno Rescue Mission, in partnership with the Fresno Police Department and Crime Stoppers, established a Sobriety Center (AKA “Safe Area”), an alternative to booking intoxicated individuals into the County Jail. The purpose of this service is to give intoxicated men and women a safe place to “sleep it off” without having to go through the time and cost involved in booking them into the County Jail. This safe venue can save the City of Fresno several hundred thousand dollars per year. While the Fresno Police Department and Crime Stoppers assisted with the initial cost of setting the area up, the Fresno Rescue Mission bears the ongoing cost of the services provided. This is just one more way we are partnering with the City of Fresno to better serve our community.

FRM Respite Center
The Fresno Rescue Mission provides beds for homeless men and women who need a safe place to continue their recuperation after being discharged from, and referred by, local hospitals. We are their home — a place of rest and encouragement while their medical needs are met by in-home services and their physicians.

Get Help

The Fresno Rescue Mission opens our doors to any man, woman, or child in our community who turns to us for help. We offer a variety of services we call our “First Touch Ministries,” to meet the most basic and immediate of needs such as food, clothing, and emergency services.

We also offer our long-term “Life Recovery” programs for those who are willing to commit to a 12- to 18-month program and take the steps needed to overcome their current situation and find God’s will.

If you or someone you know is in need of help, please contact us at (559) 268-0839 or stop by our 24 Hour Emergency Services location at 315 G Street, Fresno, CA — just south of Ventura.